Beware of links and fake admin scams coming from friends. Scammers know you're more likely to sign into a suspicious link or trust a fake admin if told by someone you know and trust.
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Frequently Asked Questions:  

Q: What is SteamRep?
A: SteamRep is a website created by Diego to keep track of his own transactions, who later opened it to the rest of the TF2 community to keep track of scammers. Many others have contributed with their time in making this website a better place.

Q: How does SteamRep work?
A: We gather scammer reports from a number of high-profile trade communities and put them all in one place for everybody to see. You grab the person's steam profile link (custom URL, profile link, steam ID) and click on CHECK. If this person has a troubling history, SteamRep will show it to you.

Q: What is a scammer?
A: Scammer is idiot.

Q: I am marked as * SCAMMER. Why?
A: * community decided to ban you for scamming. We honor the bans of a number of groups for the marking of scammers, simply because we don't get all the reports. Traders are spread out and report to their community of choice. We do not overturn unless that group does.

Q: How can I get it removed?
A: First of all, you need to address the source of the scammer tag on you. If you were, for example, marked 'scammer' on UHC, you will have to apeal there. Once that is done, you have to address this with DataStorm or Butane. Everybody has 1 chance to appeal their tag; make it count. Read "Scammer Appeals" for more information.

Q: I am marked *** CAUTION. Why?
A: Chances are you were being an ass and did something idiotic, yet not idiotic enough to warrant a scammer tag. Publicly apologize to them on their turf and contact Butane or DataStorm.

Q: Who are the admins?
A: Look at the bottom right of this page.

Q: I have another question, who can I ask?
A: You may ask an admin. Preferably if you post it on the Steamgroup. If it's an urgent matter, contact any admin.

Q: I have an idea for a feature on SteamRep.
A: Post it as a comment on the Steam group:

Scammer Appeals:  

- Public Profile. If it isn't, don't even bother.
- Only appeals done with the account that has been marked. No 3rd-party appeals.
- Only ONE (1) appeal per scammer. If you feel your appeal has been handled unfairly, you may bring it up to another admin.
- If you have any evidence to the contrary, be ready to provide it once requested.
- Most statuses are dependent on the community they are originating from. If you have a scammer status from UHC, ASBO, TF2TP or RAWR, you will first have to address your original ban there.
- If you have SR Scammer status, this can be coming from TF2-Trader, SPUF, or other source we encountered. Please address those before adding a SR admin. Google does still work last time I checked.
- If you have SR or SOP scammer, you can address DataStorm or Butane regarding this. Be aware that that if it originated from TF2-Trader, you have to appeal there first.
- If you go away or offline during an appeal process, it means you are no longer interested in appealing, or have nothing more to add. The appeal will be closed and evaluated. You will be told the result and removed, or removed and blocked if your appeal has been denied.
- Be courteous. If you insult and berate us, we will simply ignore you and block you.

Explanation Of Tags:  

* ADMIN - Admin belonging to the respective community.
* MIDDLEMAN - Proved to the community that they can be trusted to middleman trades.
* SCAMMER - You were found to be guilty of one or many of the following:
01. Charge-back
02. Quick-switching
03. Receiving the item and not paying
04. Fake rep
05. Using fake middleman
06. Impersonating
07. Spycrabbing and not paying up
08. Accomplice to a scammer (Ignorance is not an excuse)
09. Buying scammed items
10. Brokering (selling on behalf of) scammers and scammed items
***And more. Scammers always come up with new ways. Simple rule: DON'T STEAL. DON'T AID IN STEALING.
* CAUTION - You did something stupid or were banned 2-weeks+ in one of their server/forums.
SR DONATOR - You've donated cash or items to
SOP TRUSTED SELLER - Belongs to the SOP Trusted Seller group.

* Refers to one of the following communities:
SR: also wishes to thank gas mask fetish for the site graphics and barbarianbob for optimizing my noob code.

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