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711 days ago
691 days ago
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-GoV- VenGanZa  TF2-T [A]
Joined Steam: 2010-05-11
Steam Level: --
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Online Status: --
Profile Privacy: Public
Trade Ban: None
VAC Ban: None
Community Ban: ---
| steamname: -GoV- VenGanZa TF2-T [A] | steam3ID: [U:1:64624958] | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:32312479 | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep:

Additional Info from Administrators

Beware of impersonators! This user has several impersonators.
This is the page of the real [GU] VenGanZa TF2-T. Before accepting any trade, be certain that the SteamID information on this page matches exactly the information of the person who claims to be [GU] VenGanZa TF2-T.

- 3700+ hours in TF2
- 2 badges
- Account created May 11, 2010
- The guy constructs often sentences a lot longer then this one.


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